Massive gallery update

Today ‘La Môme’ opens in French-speaking regions. To celebrate the release I scanned all the latest Marion magazines appearances (at least all that I know of) and there are also some other goodies for you. A HUGE thank you goes once again to my friend Mariana for her contributions!!

017 ‘La Môme’ – Teaser Trailer
095 ‘La Môme’ – Trailer
003 ‘La Môme’ – Artwork
007 Glamour (France), March 2007
004 Biba (France), March 2007
003 Femina (France), February 4, 2007
005 Ciné Live (France), February 2007
015 Studio (France), February 2007
006 Premiere France, February 2007
009 Paris ‘La Môme’ Premiere, February 12, 2007
010 Lille ‘La Môme’ Premiere, February 2, 2007


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